Slim Baby Diapers Bundle with Wipes (Diapers*4, Wipes*2)

👶 Gift for Newborns! Get an Extra Pack of diapers for the same price

🗓︎ Upgrade to 5 Weeks Bundle for extra savings.

✨ Explore Comfort Fit Diapers, softer, more comfortable.

AED 141.40 ~ AED 161.00
AED 202.00 ~ AED 230.00
Size 2 - 152 Count
Size 3 - 144 Count
Size 4 - 136 Count
Size 5 - 128 Count
Size 6 - 112 Count
Size 7 - 104 Count

Why Bundle With Makuku?

You can get at least 26% discount (about 60 AED) compared to buying separately.

If you're looking for a more discounted package, click here to view the 7-Pack Diaper Bundle.

Why Babies Like Slim Diapers

Urine Reminder

Check status without removing diaper

Ultra thin

Only 1.6mm, Minimizes baby’s stuffiness

Super Absorbent Polymer

Large amounts of urine can be absorbed immediately

Breathable Layer

Keep the baby’s skin always dry and comfortable

Soft Surface

Prevent skin irritation and diaper rash

Protecting a baby's
delicate skin

  • Wetness indicator

  • Adding alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) essence

  • Premium Cotton

  • Up to 12 hours of Dryness