MAKUKU Diapers Comfort Fit Tape Size S 4-8KG Size 2

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MAKUKU diapers contain these essential components

Core Structure

SAP structure core technology
effectively reduces diaper rash

Super absorbent

Highly absorbent, large capacity,
and long-lasting dryness.

Air cavity surface

Has air circulation and
reduces diaper rash

Comprehensive Fit

Snug Fit without Irritation
to the Abdomen

0.2 cm thin

Super thin,
super absorbent

PH Value <7

Gently defending your baby's
skin with a weak acid shield.

Protecting a baby's
delicate skin

  • SAP Instant Absorption Core

  • Carefully chosen breathable and sealed base film

  • Up to 12 hours of Dryness

  • PH Value <7 Keeping the baby's skin

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