Comfort Fit Baby Diapers Bundle with Wipes (Diapers*7, Wipes*4)

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AED 164.50
AED 235.00
Size 2 - 210 Count
Size 3 - 196 Count
Size 4 - 182 Count
Size 5 - 168 Count
Size 6 - 154 Count
Size 7 - 140 Count

Why Bundle With Makuku?

You can get at least 26% discount (about 60 AED) compared to buying separately.

Why Babies Like Comfort Fit Diapers

  • Ultra-Thin Core

    As thin as 0.2cm, it feels like nothing when worn by babies

  • Super Absorbent Polymer

    Large amounts of urine can be absorbed immediately

  • Breathable Layer

    Keep the baby’s skin always dry and comfortable

  • Soft Surface

    Prevent skin irritation and diaper rash

  • PH Value <7

    The most suitable pH for babies, effectively protects skin health。

Protecting a baby's
delicate skin

  • SAP Instant Absorption Core

  • Carefully chosen breathable and sealed base film

  • Up to 12 hours of Dryness

  • PH Value < 7 Keeping the baby's skin